Creative enviroment

The combination of eight course programmes, students with different interests and preferences, plus teachers with a variety of specialist and professional skills guarantees vitality and development in a stimulating and creative environment.

Open atmosphere

Courses at Nyckelviksskolan promote artistic ability and craft skills with an emphasis on personal expression and independent creativity. We seek to create a positive, open working atmosphere in order to encourage self-confidence and a desire to experiment. Experimental work, largely based on practical exercises in the various materials and techniques, provides a sound basis for acquiring essential theoretical skills.


The courses, with their combination of art, crafts and design, stimulate interaction between the various artistic disciplines and create an overall environment rich in opportunities for growth and development. Studies develop an overall proficiency in design and materials, providing opportunities across the various disciplines. Experience gained from the various subjects can be integrated into new contexts, resulting in new forms and expression.

A sharing environment

A vital element of the school’s approach is concern for our shared environment: for example, students take turns to prepare school lunches. A routine part of the teaching involves cleaning the studios and workshops, maintaining machines, equipment and tools and taking responsibility for the working environment.

Artistic and cultural life

Situated on Lidingö in Stockholm, Nyckelviksskolan attracts students from all over Sweden and further afield. The proximity to the Swedish capital with its thriving art scene benefits the school. The city’s international outlook, its wide range of museums and galleries, exhibitions featuring new design, its art and design colleges and strong tradition of innovation have a positive effect on educational life at the school. The interplay between concentrated learning and the surrounding environment provides further opportunities for innovative designs and ideas.

Highly qualified staff

Within the Stockholm region there is a concentration of highly-qualified specialists from among whom the school selects its teachers. The area is also the richest in the country in terms of access to lecturers and guest teachers in the school’s specialist subjects. Our teachers work actively in their specialist subjects – as artists, craftsmen/women, or designers – and are themselves a real part of the professional world for which our students are preparing themselves.