General Art, Crafts and Design provides basic knowledge in art, crafts and design. The wide breadth of the program is perfect if you have not decided what area to focus on, but you want to explore different ways to be creative. Here you get a broad foundation of knowledge for higher education, which can open new ways to work in areas such as art, architecture, illustration, design, furniture and interior design.

We work with artistic expression in a variety of materials so that you get a feel for different ways of expressing yourself. The different courses are connected and what you learn in one course you can also use in the other courses. Thoughts, ideas, processes and practical work are included in the education. You will get an understanding of the similarities of the creative process by working concentrated in three-week courses with the various materials in the school’s fine workshops and studios.

Work and results are subjects of group discussions or exhibitions where you and your classmates share the experience of process and method. Our knowledgeable teachers give you guidance and in-depth knowledge of both theory and practice.

Drawing and painting is included in all programs at Nyckelviksskolan, but on the program General Art, Crafts and Design you will get the opportunity of in-depth studies. Here you can work with materials such as chalk, ink, watercolor paint, acrylic paint and oil paint. Painting and drawing exercises lay the foundation for developing your vision and expressiveness, which you then use in freer projects and assignments.

Subjects and materials

Painting/drawing 10,8 weeks
Sculpture 3,8 weeks
Printmaking 3,8 weeks
Ceramics 3,8 weeks
Metalwork 3,8 weeks
Woodwork 3,8 weeks
Textile form 3,8 weeks
Textile printing 3,8 weeks
Lectures in art and design 0,8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing and layout software 0,4 weeks

Study visits to galleries and museums are obvious elements and are included in most courses.

The program Graphic design and Illustration is the start for you who dream of working as an illustrator, graphic designer, art director, animator or game developer. In this program, you will form the basis for for a creative profession with image, storytelling and idea as the most important elements. You will experiment, sketch, discuss and use different physical and digital techniques.

The academic year begins with weekly courses in illustration, graphic form and typography. The emphasis is on different types of independent and shared assignments, tuition, discussions and presentations. The visual work is done a lot by hand (think drawing, painting, collage) and / or digitally. The focus is on the artistic and creative process. You get basic courses in digital photo and software for image processing, graphic design, illustration and animation.

During the program, you will make study visits to galleries, agencies and studios. Inspiring and specialized guest teachers, who are currently working on what you are aiming for, come to school and teach. The program concludes with major projects, where the various course elements are interwoven in a project that carries your own unique touch.


Illustration 10,4 weeks
Drawing and painting 6 weeks
Graphic design 10,6 weeks
Photography with digital photo editing 3 weeks
Material studies 3 weeks
Final project 4,4 weeks
Lectures in art and design 0,8 weeks

This program Architecture and Design is aimed at you who want to work with architecture, design, interior design, scenography or art. The program gives you a broad understanding of the design process and of spatial design. At the program we will emphasis on developing your artistic ability, it provides a good basis for further studies both in Sweden and abroad.

This is a preparatory program where practical tasks interspersed with theory. Here you will learn how to communicate your ideas through sketch and model work. With the help of your imagination, you develop your problem-solving skills. You will work with different types of methods and material such as cardboard, plaster, concrete, wood and textile. In drawing, painting and sculpture you train vision, colouring and figuration. You will also encounter various concepts in architecture and design, such as sustainable development and context. Other important parts of this program is photo, digital imaging and presentation skills.

During the year you will work with several different courses and projects in the school’s workshops and studios. You will meet a number of guest lecturers working with sets, architecture and design, each with its own career, most of them linked to leading universities in their field. Together we will do study visits at different workplaces, galleries and museums, all to increase the joy of discovery and give new thoughts and ideas.

Subjects and materials

Drawing and painting 11 weeks
Architecture and design 7,6 weeks
Three-dimensional configuration (woodwork) 3,8 weeks
Three-dimensional configuration (textile design) 3,8 weeks
Sculpture I – model studies 3,8 weeks
Sculpture II – composition studies 3,8 weeks
Introduction to stage design 1,6 weeks
Sketching and presentation techniques 2 weeks
Lectures in art and design 0,8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing and layout software 0,4 weeks

This program gives you a good introduction to your future profession through the courses in metal design, jewellery and product design. We do not require any special previous experience of working with metal curiosity about the material and its possibilities to shape your ideas will take you far!

The main (metal) subject intersperse with courses where you work with various artistic, technical and theoretical tasks. During the year you will work with silversmithery,  jewellery, welding and much more. By working, processing and shaping the metal, you reach a deep understanding of the practical part of the design.

When you work practically with drawing, painting and sculpture, you improve your ability to see and judge the work of others. At the same time you develop your own skill to create. You will also learn how to present your ideas and communicate through sketches and models. It is important knowledge no matter what direction your life and your studies after your year at Nyckelviksskolan takes.

The project that you are working with of your own during this course, makes you and your ideas grow. The teachers will give you essential advice and constructive criticism on the work you are doing both individually and in groups. You’ll get knowledge´ that you will carry with you throughout your professional life. Take the chance to find your own way to express yourself.

In the course ”Introduction to digital tools” you will get skills in working with different tools for sketching and modeling. You will learn how to sketch out various form ideas in a digital 3D environment, create digital drawings, develop a model with a 3D printer, and get a basic orientation in visualization. You will also be able to work with digital tools in other courses.

Subjects and materials

Introduction course 2,2 weeks
Art of jewellery 4,6 weeks
Corpus smithery 3 weeks
Introduction to digital tools 1,4 weeks
Welding 2,2 weeks
Product design 1,6 weeks
Sketching and presentation techniques 0,8 weeks
Individual projects and final project work 4,6 weeks
Drawing and painting 7,4 weeks
Sculpture 7,4 weeks
Lectures in art and design 0,8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing and layout software 0,4 weeks

During the program, you go on field trips to museums, galleries and workshops.


The program Woodwork and Design is the starting point for you who aim for a profession as an architect, furniture designer, interior designer, industrial designer or artist. Here you will get the basic knowledge about the material wood that is central to these occupational areas. You don’t need experience in working with wood – curiosity about the material and its possibilities will take you far!

The purpose of this education is for you to develop your artistic skills, your expression of form and knowledge in craft. You will explore the possibilities of wood both in a functional and in an artistic way during the year. This is done by longer assignments based on function, construction and form as well as with playful short exercises. You will learn sketching and drawing techniques as well as furniture design. In addition, you will get an introduction to design methodology. In drawing and painting you practice, among other things, perception and color theory and in the subject of sculpture you find a stable foundation for your three-dimensional ability.

The teaching schedule is built in three week blocks where you work with one and the same subject or material for several weeks in a row. The work is evaluated both individually and in-group. You will have the opportunity to study and work with others who are equally interested in the subjects as you are, sometimes in group projects.

Subjects and materials

Woodwork – material and tools, construction and planning, project assignments, history and contemporary orientation 20 weeks
Final project work 2,6 weeks
Painting and drawing 7,4 weeks
Sculpture 7,4 weeks
Lectures in art and design 0,8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing and layout software 0,4 weeks

During the program, you go on a number of field trips to museums, galleries and workshops.


The program Ceramic Design and Craft is for you who want to work with arts and crafts, design and architecture. After this program you can immerse yourself in ceramics in your own workshop or apply for higher education in the field of form and art.

Together with the main subjects – utility objects, ceramics as a free art form and ceramics in the public room – the artistic training in painting, drawing and sculpture will constitute a foundation. You will be encouraged to draw and develop rough sketches. During the academic year exercises in presentation techniques, by hand as well as digitally are included. The studies are both theoretical and practical.

During the year, you will meet several guest teachers with expertise within turning, preparation of glazes, incineration techniques and glass technique. The education is based on common form and technique practises, forming the basis for your knowledge in ceramics, glazing and incinerating in kilns. The courses include your own projects where you learn more about process, material, technique and methods.

Ceramic Design and Craft is a broad basic education in three-dimensional form where you get the help and guidance of professional ceramists, designers and artists to explore the possibilities of clay. Knowledge that will be useful for you in many professions.

Subjects and materials

Interpretation and Design 8,6 weeks
Techniques and methods 6,8 weeks
Ceramics – architecture and interior design 3,2 weeks
Sketching and presentation techniques 0,8 weeks
Individual projects 3,2 weeks
Drawing and painting 7,4 weeks
Sculpture 7,4 weeks
Lectures in art and design 0,8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing and layout software 0,4 weeks

During the program, you often go on field trips to museums, galleries and workshops.


The program Textile Design and Craft is the starting point for you who are aiming for a profession in art, textile design, scenography, costume and interior design. It gives you a good foundation and is a prerequisite for further studies both in Sweden and abroad. You do not need to have worked with textiles before – curiosity about the material and its possibilities to shape your ideas will take you far!

In the school’s textile workshop, we work experimentally with screen printing and try out different sculptural techniques and textile materials for the body, as a form and in a room or space. In the weaving studio, you investigate how materials and weaving technology are joined together to create an artistic expression. You will study drawing, painting and sculpture throughout the year and this serve as the basis for the work with color and shape in the textile techniques.

In a larger project, we bring together the subjects of the education. Here you get the opportunity to develop your ideas and techniques. You work both in groups and individually with a teacher nearby, do your own planning until the deadline. You will reflect on your work and present it in a professional way. You learn how to work in an artistic process and develop your individual expression. The education also includes a course in scenographic photography.

The textile field is wide and today expertise in design and craftsmanship is needed in occupations linked to sustainability, economy, technology and product development. Welcome to participate in developing the textile design language of the future!

Subjects and materials

Textile printing 7,6 weeks
Textile weaving 11,2 weeks
Group project in textile design 3,8 weeks
Painting and drawing 7,4 weeks
Sculpture 7,4 weeks
Lectures in art and design 0,8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing and layout software 0,4 weeks

The program includes a series of study visits to museums, galleries and individual artists and designers’ studios.

The Specialist Craft Tutor program at Nyckelviksskolan is a unique two-year vocational education that combines practical work in arts and crafts with educational reflection and application. The work of a specialist craft tutor is about creating opportunities for communication – through working with arts and crafts in various materials and techniques.

The essence of the specialist craft tutor pedagogy is that a person’s work with arts and crafts can contribute to personal development and health as well as to promote people’s creativity and socialization.

A specialist craft tutor can work in many different areas of society, for example in rehabilitation, in daily activities for people with disabilities, in care for the elderly, within integration work or in psychiatry, such as in women’s shelters or in social psychiatry. A specialist craft tutor can also work at folk high schools, schools of the arts, youth recreations centers or in museums. The target group may be people who, for various reasons, want or need to express themselves in ways other than through the spoken and written word.

The two years of the program provide knowledge in working with wood, textiles, ceramics, sculpture, drawing and painting. You will get training in the materials and techniques of the arts and crafts subjects and exercise in how you go from idea to execution in a creative and educational way. The teachers at the Specialist Craft Tutor program are themselves practicing artisans, artists, designers, educators and behavioral scientists. We also bring in guest teachers who are specialists.

The practical courses are interspersed with theory, which include studies in pedagogy, didactics, methodology and practical exercises, group work, study visits, workshops and internships at workplaces. The training also includes a longer internship and an essay project where your practical experiences and theoretical knowledge are linked.

As specialist craft tutors are in demand in various areas of society, we welcome a variety of experiences among you who are seeking. The important thing is that you have a curiosity about and an interest in people.

Subjects and materials

Drawing and painting 13,2 weeks
Woodwork and material studies 11,4 weeks
Sculpture 5,6 weeks
Textile printing 5,6 weeks
Ceramics 5,6 weeks
Weaving 5,8 weeks
Social theory 3,8 weeks
Pedagogy 3,8 weeks
Psychology 3,6 weeks
Educational and social theory 7,4 weeks
Tutor practices 1,8 weeks
Work placements 7,2 weeks
Lectures in art and design 0,8 weeks
Digital photo and image processing and layout software 0,4 weeks

Pedagogy, social theory and psychology are separate subjects in grade 1. Pedagogy and social work are integrated in grade 2.

During the program, you go on field trips to museums, galleries and studios.